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United States
Hi i'm Milk and I feel like a girl

the picture above was drawn for me by Potatocakes on Goatlings
my tumblr is follow me if you want
Monthly Event February - Trans by Tea-Strawberry

I voice the UTAU Aimi Hakune

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
im really bored rn
comment on this with your utau and i'll review them
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: divinity


im really bored rn
comment on this with your utau and i'll review them
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: divinity
halting all of my work on any commissions/requests/etc

It's just getting hard to juggle school, and my commissions/prizes/requests/etc 
so if I owe you anything, don't expect it for a while, at least until i'm able to get my shit together
  • Mood: I Have To Pee
B^) by milk-chan-desu
I redid my 100x100 icon on a bigger canvas.
idk how well this holds up to the original version, I just really wanted to do this since it only took about 5 minutes to do
Roach by milk-chan-desu
here's another thing I did, I think she's going to be another UTAU. i don't know
I'm mostly going to be working on prizes for the summer contest in that UTAU group I follow, but commissions are still open i guess
Ok so like a lot of people seem to have problems installing UTAU correctly, and also have problems getting hiragana-encoded voicbanks to work, so i'm just gonna show you how.

The FIRST THING you have to do before you even install UTAU, is change your locale to Japan, otherwise you'll get all kinds of errors while trying to use the program, and you won't be able to use any voicebanks that use hiragana. 
If you already have UTAU installed on your computer and you haven't changed your locale, remember to un-install it before starting this tutorial.
To do this, you're going to want get to your control panel (by pressing the start icon on windows 7, or by the settings icon on windows 8) 
So now that you're on the control panel, you should see something like this: (remember it might look different depending on which version of windows you have, i'm on windows 8)

You're going to want to go to "Clock, Language, and Region" 

Click on the Region icon, and this window should pop up:

Go to the Administrative tab, and click "change system locale" This will require you being the administrator/owner of the computer, so if it belongs to your friend/parent/relative, they'll need to enter their computer password to be able to work. After that, you should get this window:

The default system locale should be English (or whatever language your computer is set in) just click the drop down menu, and select "Japanese(Japan)" and press OK. This will require you restarting your computer to continue.

OK, that was the semi-hard part, everything past this point should be relatively easy, assuming you followed part one.
Now you'll be able to download UTAU.
You're going to want to go to this website and download the current version of UTAU (as of now, it's v0.4.18e) Then just run the installer and it should download UTAU onto your computer.
(I should mention that if you downloaded UTAU before changing your locale, you might want to un-install i before re-installing it again, otherwise it might not work)
Anyways, there should now be  an UTAU icon somewhere on your desktop, if not, it can be found via OS(C:)-->program files/(x86)-->UTAU. Open up UTAU just to make sure it installed correctly. If the layout is written in Japanese, it installed correctly.

Alright, now that you have UTAU installed, now you'll be able to download various voicebanks for the program. You should establish a folder to put all of your voicebanks in, first. Just make a new folder somewhere on your computer labeled "voicebanks", or, if you want all downloaded voicebanks to be automatically installed when you download them, put them into your "voice" folder inside the UTAU folder.

I'm just going to link a few different UTAUs I personally think are really good, and other popular ones.

Kasane… (if you're new to the program, download her diphone-only voicebank)
Momone… (i'm pretty sure most of the voicebanks on this page are CV banks)
Namine (most of his voicebanks are VCV, but there should be a few CV ones on his site)
Sekka (her ふんわり bank is really HQ)
Hibiki (i'd use his Creamy bank)
Shouka… (CV only)
Gahata Meiji… (as far as I know her banks are all VCV)
BLYTHE Anaka - (no website) VCV -… (not recommended for beginners, voicebank dump) CV -… (about 10 different voicebanks in one, big file size)
Yurika Saya/Sai…

Please tell me if you have any questions, or if any of the links are broken! I really hoped this helped!!

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